Beyond Metamorphosis

My drawings reflect the moments that live within each of us— the histories of each cycle of life, of time, and of the complicated journeys within each of us. These moments in time reveal both the devastating parts of life and the overwhelmingly beautiful parts of life. The history of the drawing process becomes important in my work. As a result, remnants are visible from the path that each drawing takes on its way to being resolved.

As I work, moments are revealed in the lives of intuitive organic images collected from life’s experiences. They live in enigmatic time and space. The marks and materials in the work reflect our complex rhythms, incongruities, and relationships. There are bursts of energy—fierce, uncontrolled, uninhibited urgencies—and beautiful swells of serenely floating calm and deep searches. As in these drawing, the process often seems unfinished, leaving traces of past journeys and exploration for the future.